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NYLT FALL 2017 Schedule now Available!

Please Go to the Annoucement Menu Page and view the entire Schedule.  Watch for updates and emails for classes we add on throughout the year.

NYLT Now Offering ON LINE Workshops!

NYLT has a host of over 40 topics for on-line credit towards your NYLT TLC Recertification!  Participants should select the ANNOUNCEMENT tab of this website and view the sourcebook.  Inside the sourcebook, participants can follow instructions to the portal of workshops, and the automated credit reporting function. For the automated credit reporting function, an individual must first be listed in the NYLT Database of Training and individuals must know their Logger Identification number.  

Any questions, or to learn your Logger Identification number, please contact NYLT at 518-463-1297.

The current list of on line courses is as follows:

NYLT Webinar List


A Practical Field Guide for Designing Conservation Buffers


An Explanation of Defects in Hardwood Timber


Application of Forestry Best Management Practices for Water Quality Protection


Are You Growing Your Best Timber?


Beech Management in Northeastern Woodlots


Best Management Practices for Timber Production


Biomass Harvesting Sustainability Webinar Series:

Biomass harvesting guidelines implementation:  challenges and opportunities, including inventory



Biomass Harvesting Sustainability Webinar Series: Bird and invertebrate response to woody biomass harvest: Preliminary findings and future directions


Biomass Harvesting Sustainability Webinar Series: Small mammal, reptile and amphibian response to biomass harvesting


Biomass Harvesting Sustainability Webinar Series: Soil Impacts of Biomass Harvesting


Climate Change and the Forest Stewardship Program


Conservation and Management of Declining Bat Populations in Eastern Forests


Construction Safety, Part 1 - OSHA Requirements, Agency Policy, and General Safety Guidelines for Field Office Activities


Crop Tree Management for Forest Stand Improvement


Crop Tree Release of Hardwoods for Improved Growth and Survival


Developing Adaptive Silvicultural Strategies in the Context of Climate Change


Eastern Forest Pest Update


Enhancing Mast (food) Production for Woodland Wildlife


Family Forests: Are they productive? Sustainable? Resilient?


Forest Vegetation Management Using Herbicides


Forest*A*Syst: A web-based tool for natural resource professionals


Hemlock Woolly Adelgid - ecology, management, and recent development in treatment and biocontrol


Improving Hardwoods through Crop Tree Release


Integrative Forest Management for Wildlife and Forest Health


Invasive Plant Best Management Practices


Land Ownership and Transfer: Options and Opportunities


Limiting Deer Impacts on Forest Regeneration via a Hunter-Management Strategy


Management for the Next Forest


Managing Early Successional Wildlife Habitat


Managing Invasive Forest Shrubs, Vines, and Herbs


Managing Soil Quality in Forests


Online Mapping Tools for the Natural Resource Professional - Part 1: My Land Plan


Online Mapping Tools for the Natural Resource Professional - Part 2: Important spatial data sources


Online Mapping Tools for the Natural Resource Professional - Part 3: Google Earth (GE) Part 1 (Basics)


Online Mapping Tools for the Natural Resource Professional - Part 4: Google Earth (GE) Part 2 (Intermediate)


Passing on Land and the Role of Resource Professionals


Planning and Design of Stream Crossings


Rehabilitation of Degraded Woodlands


Silviculture for Non-foresters: Managing a Forest for Multiple Objectives


Stressors of Trees: Forest Management for Health and Productivity


Sustainably Growing Timber, Pasture and Livestock: Trees into Pasture


The Carbon Impact of Forest Products


The Restoration of the American Chestnut


Thinning Practices to Improve Forest Health and Tree vigor


Timber Tax Basis


Timber Tax Filing for the 2016 Tax Year



What is the Role of Natural Resource Processionals in Landowner Legacy Planning


Woodland Steward Series Landowner Education Curriculum Training - Part 1


Woodland Steward Series Landowner Education Curriculum Training - Part 2 

Empire State Forest Products Association College of Environmental Science and Forestry Cornell Cooperative Extension of Warren County NYS Department of Evnironmental Conservation Sustainable Forestry Initiative W.J. Cox Associates, Inc. Watershed Agricultural Council Catskill Forest Association, Inc. Northeastern Loggers' Association International Paper